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Background of Gilan Province Electricity Distribution Company

Upon approval of the law on the first national cultural, social, economic development plan in 1991, the committee in charge of reviewing the general issues of electricity industry suggested for establishment of at least one Electricity Distribution Company in each province on a private basis within holding some sessions and by virtue of its prior perusals of the matter.


The general assembly of the shareholders of regional electricity companies and Khouzestan water & electricity organization agreed on this suggestion at the meeting on 25 November 1991 and during the congress of managing directors of regional electricity companies held on 2,3 March 1992 , it was made decision over how to establish Electricity Distribution Companies. In the March of the same year, the articles of association of these companies provided and they were incorporated in the registries of companies .

For pursuing the process of establishment of Electricity Distribution Companies  and their direction , a session was held at the headquarter of electricity industry in July 1992 and gradually the relevant permits was issued by the Minister of Power since June 1992 and these companies officially started their activities since 1993. For the reconstruction of substructure of electricity distributions and render service with higher qualities, the management department of Ministry of power made distribution division independent from other power division in 1993. Simultaneously , upon development of electricity distribution system, the management of facilities and equipment put at agenda of young experts of electric distribution industry.

 Paying more attention to Gilan, as one of the most important provinces of I.R.Iran for tourism made it one of the metropolitans of this country that rendered independent electricity distribution service to its citizens.  For this purpose, Gilan Electricity Distribution Company was founded in Spring 1992. With respect to extent of province and its subscribers.

Consequently, this company selected the following as its agenda : compilation of targets, viewpoints, future landscape approached with rendering optimized services, deploying extra and intra organizational research power, assigning works to private sector, using market potentials and experience of seniors , establishment of managerial, quality-orientated, prudent systems, customer-orientation systems,  and paying more attention to man power as the social capitals, deploying modern computer equipment, decreasing outages , decreasing wastes. Furthermore, 121 electricity emergencies, requests registration system ( ENOX ), conversations record system, teller tell., subscribers integrated system, billing system , system of reviewing public request and electronic opinion poll made ready for meeting requirements of citizens. Also, this company through general communications by means of various Mass Medias and installation of banner, made the honorable subscribers more acquainted with their legal rights. Working with hot line in order to decrease outages and notification of planned outages over province is among the plans for respecting subscribers’ rights.

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